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99% faster, more secure and easy to integrate 

Trusted by many european organizations.

 B2B Sign Up

Excite your business customer at first contact – Business account opening 99% faster with instant integration. Secure, lightning fast with built-in intelligence.

 Document Signature

Need a customer to sign a document during or after account opening? Add it with a click.

 ID Verification

Really important business transaction need more trust. We verify personal information at the level of trust you need it.

Self-Ident, Video-Ident, eID

  • Credit Scoring
  • Peps & Sanctions
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Checkout (Payment)
  • … many more

Need More?

We can provide you with custom solutions for data validations from our 100+ trust partners. All user interactions and security features that you need for your specific use cases. Let us know!

200% increase in conversion rate

The best way to realize complex sign up flows on the fly to optimize conversation and create user happiness.

95% reduction of operation expenses

Get access to best-in-class providers all in one place, verified business and identity data the way you need it.

99% faster business account opening

Integrate and configure instantly. Excite your users with the fastest business sign up out there.

How we help you sign up customers faster

  1. A simple, magic button or snippet you include on your website…
  2. …creates the best and fastest UX for your customer, without any coding.
  3. We verify the data, add additional intelligence…
  4. …and securely send the data to your backend. Welcome new, happy customer!

Maximize conversion with Keyp’s smart UX

  • Automatic intelligence gathering makes your sign up as smart and user friendly as never before.
  • Minimal user input is used to infere necessary sign up data, that results in 120% better conversion.
  • Over all 99% faster business account opening: excite your users with the fastest business sign up out there.

Here you see the automatic company detection from email addresses during a Keyp powered B2B Sign Up.


Configure any onboarding and login process, adaptive to your compliance & privacy policies.


Use verified identity data provided by best in class identity service provider for global usage.


The most convenient way for any identification and background checks.

Cost Effective

Automize all manual processes for integration and compliance to reduce operational costs up to 75%.

Plug’n’Play integration into your stack

  • You use just a link, button or snippet on your existing website or app.

  • A best in class sign up experience, which is optimized for your users and needs – automatically created by us.

  • We deliver all user and account data, including industry grade data verifications (like ID check, 2FA validations, address verification, sanction lists and hundreds more) to your backend – with nearly no coding.

Read our documentation, written from developers for developers, here.

All you need is to point your users to a specially prepared page in our cloud service:

<a href=";YOUR_WORKFLOW_ID">
Click here to start the KYB process

We create the layer of trust for the digital world.

Our mission is to bring trust to the European B2B online market by creating trust between companies and their business customers.

One line of code to automize customer onboarding with best in class solutions instantly.

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