Workflow Manager

One-click experience meets fully secure decentralized multi-factor authentication. Keyp Workflow Manager comes prepacked with every Keyp Identity Platform. Use it to manage all your digital accesses without any system changes, conveniently configure your logins via drag & drop and combine identity solutions dynamically.

Design your Use Case

Create your individual Workflow and assign it to the access you want to protect. Any login or registration process can be set up and can be individually configured. With Keyp, identification becomes a workflow and ID providers can suddenly be combined however you need them to work together to secure your accesses.


Modify in real-time

Circumstances change, security demands change, needs change. With Keyp, you can adjust your Workflows at any time and in real-time. No extra implementation, coding, integration or roll-out for the users necessary.


Live testing

Preview all your Workflows from a user’s perspective before publishing it. You can see all paths possible for the user as well as both the onboarding and login process.