We’re still in private beta.

BUT: the Keyp Identity Platform Demo is now available! Configure your own one-click single-sign-on login & sign-up for your customers, users, employees and machines.


What you can expect once signed in:

  • Access to the Keyp Marketplace
  • Add your own Demo Resources
  • Assign your own individual Demo Login Flows
  • Choose between all 100+ identification apps already part of the Keyp ecosystem
  • Search for identification apps and combine them
  • Adjust and configure example settings of the identification apps
  • Convenient drag & drop login flow configuration
  • Choose the type of integration you want and need for your Login Flow
  • Choose from all authentication triggers (Bluetooth, QR Code, NFC etc.)
  • Live preview all paths of your Login Flow from the user’s perspective
  • Experience the future of customer, user, employee and machine authentication & identification

Request a Keyp Identity Platform demo now