The Company side:

Configure your own one-click single-sign-on login & sign-up for your customers, users, employees and machines. The convenient and highly flexible Keyp Login Manager let’s you adjust your identification workflow in real-time through easy-to-use drag & drop functionalities.

The User side:

Inside the Keyp Wallet App all of the verified registration & login credentials are stored and encrypted. Your customers, users, employees and machines can take advantage of this hardware-encrypted app to identify themselves to your secured access with one single click. All the verified user data is stored on their designated hardware (e.g. smartphone) to be used multiple times instead of having the need to re-verify identity credentials over and over again.

The Provider & Developer side:

In order to grow the identification ecosystem we need an open infrastructure. Keyp’s SDKs include the Keyp Developer SDK as well as the Connector SDK Using the Keyp SDKs, authentication software can be implemented as part of the Keyp Login Manager (Authentication App) and custom connectors can be created to integrate Keyp with existing Identity and Access Management (IAM).