One huge milestone
for digital identity.


Cost effective

One huge milestone

for digital identity.

Cost effective

The Keyp Identity Framework is here:

Integrate your identity terminal, configure your accesses, and start using innovative, decentral identity management today. See just how flexible building individual access workflows for your users can be. Keyp’s comprehensive Identity Framework makes onboarding processes and logins configurable in real-time and secure as well as convenient for users. With Keyp Identity Terminal, you can design your customer access workflows based on 100+ identity solutions from the Keyp Marketplace and provide them through multiple access channels.


With the Keyp Wallet, you can provide your users with a user-centric and decentral identity for a frictionless digital user experience and ownership over their personal data.

With Keyp, enterprises can:

  • Integrate with 100+ identity provider solutions
  • Customise all digital accesses
  • Provide a user-centric digital identity.

Learn more about our the three components of Keyp’s Identity Framework:

Identity Terminal

At every touch point of your business


Device-binding identity data
Users’ identity information are stored on their device

Decentral identity protocol
Securely store personal data in the identity wallet of your customers or employees without any privacy concern

Simple Strong Authentication
2FA just by adding one additional method of authentication (biometrics or knowledge factor) to any workflow configuration

Protected by asymmetric cryptography
The trust chain of identity information is maintained with electronic signatures


Drag & drop access management
Design and modify a Keyp Terminal configuration easily via the drag & drop interface

Real-time publishing of Identity Terminal configurations
A changed Keyp Terminal configuration is available instantly to end-users of your service 

Live simulation for UX/UI testing
Test the Identity Terminal configuration in depth before publishing it to create a superior user experience 

Scalable one-time integration
Use Keyp Terminal with multiple digital services after a single integration against your IAM system


Create custom access workflows for your service
Define your individual onboarding & login process that perfectly fits the requirements of your digital service 

In cloud and on premise
Processing identity data can be done securely in our cloud or in within your own infrastructure 

Access to Marketplace of identity solutions
Choose from 100+ identity solutions covering multiple types of KYC processes, data verifications and authentications 

Keep your backend
Integration can be done via a large set of identity standards (OpenID Connect, SAML, JWT, Active Directory,…)

Customisable transaction views
Keep your logo and branding present throughout the whole process of identification

Multi-channel access as Point of Identification (PoI)
Access via QR code, push notification, mobile button, NFC or Bluetooth and even geo fence

Cost Effective

Configuration instead of development projects
Simply configure & modify login or onboarding workflows with a few clicks

Re-use verified identity data
After identity data has been verified, the Keyp Protocol maintains the trust chain and makes it re-useable at the initial assurance level

Recover KYC costs
Verified user data can be offered through the Keyp ecosystem to other enterprises for their onboarding and login processes

Drastic reduction of fraud
Reduce fraud and associated legal cost by relying on verified identity data and advanced authentication

No up-front costs
Pay-per-use and subscription-based pricing models are available for your identity solutions and Keyp takes only a transaction-based commission

Mobile SDK

Smartphone-based identification of your users, customers & employees


One identity wallet for multiple use cases
Your users stepwise build an extensive identity that can be used at any point of identification across all use cases of your company

Onboarding identity and multi-factor authenticator
Keyp unifies onboarding and login to one single identity driven access process

Stepwise identification
Identification takes place step by step – only with the absolutely necessary effort to reach the required level of trust

Keyp identity federation SSO
Your users can use already verified identify data from their existing accounts (e.g. bank account, car sharing, etc.)


User-centric identity
Verified identity information is only stored on the user’s device – 100% owned and controlled by the individual user

Multi-factor authentication made easy
Many MFA methods for different security needs are available within one identity wallet (e.g. OTP, fingerprint, voice, face recognition, behaviour recognition)

Strong identity protection
Identity information is created using asymmetric cryptography; all identity data is encrypted for storage and in transaction

Strong private key protection
Private keys for wallets are protected by multiple security layers: security storage (HSM, where available), device registration, root detection, etc.

Privacy Compliant

Privacy by Design
The Keyp Protocol creates the highest possible level of data privacy – no central identity database required

Data transmission based always on user consent
Data processing takes place only after a user accepted the terms and authorized the data transmission

Data minimisation – Bring our own ID
Keyp enables enterprises to request the minimum required data from a user to be stored in their service backend

Anonymous identity confirmations
Enterprises can request anonymous identity confirmations instead of plain identity data, where this suffices (e.g. birth dates become a 18+ confirmation)


One-click user experience
Allow service onboarding and login with just one click/tap and, e.g., device unlock. Sounds like distant future? This is the future right here!

Re-use verified identity data
Your users’ verified identity data can be re-used as often as needed and as long as it is valid (i.e. expiration can be set)

Multi-channel access
Access to your online and offline services can be triggered via QR code, push notification, mobile button, NFC or Bluetooth and geo-fence

Optimized UX with checkout methodology
The Keyp Wallet guides users seamlessly through the enrolment process in case an identity information or authentication method are missing


Access to 100+ identity solutions


One identity token for multiple use cases
Use verified identity data and enrolled authentication methods across all services & use cases in your business

Solution providers collaborate in competition
Combine multiple identity solutions via Keyp to create comprehensive access processes that perfectly fit your needs

Access to a whole ecosystem of solution provider
Via the Keyp identity framework all providers are instantly compatible to the access technology of your enterprises

Rely on large set of identity standards
Keyp provides a large set of identity standards integrations (Open ID Connect, SAML, JWT, Active Directory,…)


Explicit user consent
Data processing by identity solution providers is covered under the terms of the Keyp Wallet & additional terms can be provided, if personal information needs to be stored (e.g. evidence records)

Decentral identity protocol
Securely store identity-related data in your user’s identity wallet, compliant with privacy regulation (especially GDPR)

Maintain trust chain of identity data
After identity data has been verified, the Keyp Protocol maintains the trust chain and makes it re-useable at the initial assurance level


Choose from 100+ identity solutions
Access all ecosystem solutions and configure any access to fit your needs

SDK for simple and fast integration of your own solutions
The integration against Keyp can be done within days with a Keyp SDK that provides an out-of-the-box protocol integration and advanced developer tools

Automatic white-labelling of solutions
Keyp enables enterprises to customise their onboarding and login processes with a few clicks to fit their brand’s CI/CD

No up-front costs
Both, pay-per-use and subscription-based pricing models are available for your identity solutions; Keyp takes only a transaction-based commission

Access to 100+ identity solutions

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Address Verification icon

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Basic SignatureSignaturit
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Driving License OCR Verification icon

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Email Address Confirmation & Verification icon

Email Address Confirmation & VerificationEmail Hippo
Email Address Confirmation & Verification with corporate branding icon

Email Address Confirmation & Verification with corporate brandingEmail Hippo
Email Address Verification icon

Email Address VerificationEmail Hippo
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