The Open Identity Factor Federation



  • Keyp offers its users a decentral digital identity in the form of an Identity Wallet.
  • Wallets can be installed on a smartphone, USB token or on machines.
  • Through installation, a Keyp identity is created with two central functionalities: Providing a secure ID storage and UX/UI to administer and manage the identity 



  • A Keyp Identitiy consists of verified attributes and multiple methods to authenticate a user.
  • We talk about factors once attributes are verified by ID Providers and authentications methods are activated.
  • Once turned into factors, users can use them any time to identify and authenticate themselves.



  • Keyp is an Open Identity Federation.
  • All Service Providers offering a Keyp Login and Signup is allowed to request data from Keyp Wallets for these processes.
  • All ID & Authentication Providers are allowed to create factors and store them inside Keyp Wallets.

Federation Partnering Opportunities

Find out more about how to become a part of Keyp’s federation. There are various possibilities to become a partner: ID Providers, Identity Platform Providers, Identity Consulting, Identity Wallet Providers etc.

Use Cases with Keyp

Keyp’s decentral architecture secures user identities and makes sure the required identity factors for each login are transmitted to the company for authentication.

Our partners: