Identity Platform-as-a-Service

Identity Platform-as-a-Service

Digital accesses become configurable

Configuration of accesses via drag & drop and not coding

With Keyp, the configuration of digital accesses becomes a real-time and dynamic process without any coding. Choose the ID Provider and Authentication Services you want to work with and implement them in your workflow conveniently via drag & drop within seconds.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Dynamic configuration in real-time
  • No more coding required for configuration
  • Freely choose ID Providers and Authentication Services you want to work with
  • Implement them in your workflow via drag & drop within seconds
  • Users store their verified attributes
  • Users transfer them with one click to any connected enterprise login
  • eIDAS, BAFIN2017 and GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant by Design

Keyp helps to comply with GDPR, increase IT security, build trust with users and minimise business and financial risk exposure. At the same time, it achieves better registration/login processes conversion through step-up authentication.

eIDAS: enable qualified signatures

Keyp enables organizations to offer eIDAS-compliant qualified signatures with ease and at minimal cost. The open and federated architecture allows for maximum agility and fast deployment.

Next generation identity infrastructure

Verified, decentral, user friendly and compliant with the law & regulations: a protocol that transfers any personal data to any system.

A real disruption in how digital accesses are configured

Identification becomes a workflow and ID providers can suddenly be combined with Keyp leading to individual authentication for any use case scenario. This way to see Keyp in action and see a few example use cases.

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