Privacy and
don’t have to
contradict each other.

Maximilian Möhring

Managing Director
Strategy & Business Development

Steffi Feldmann

Head of Communications
Marketing & Communications

Simon Mang

Head of IT
Software Architecture & Development

Markus Edmaier

Head of Creation
Design, UX & UI

Jonathan Berroth

Head of Product
Product Development & Product Owner

Carolin Jacob

Communication Designer

Maxim  Markert

Head of Business Development

Leo  Wölfel

Entrepreneur in Residence
Operations & Marketing

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Keyp is a Munich-based software company, founded and established by five serial entrepreneurs and a continuously growing team of experts with various backgrounds.
Throughout the last years, we have been working together on various projects & startups and successfully sold one of our startups to a Fortune Global 50 company.

We surrounded ourselves with a board of experts contributing to Keyp’s success with their distinct industry knowledge & experience. Keyp is backed and advised by a security professional Business Angel with a focus on decentralization and cryptography (sold 3 of 14 startups within 4 years) with strong roots in the Open Source Community, and the Debian Project. Additionally, we count ourselves lucky to have established a unique Board of Experts including (amongst others) former CMO EMEA of Apple Sven Kielgas supporting us with his distinct branding & marketplace expertise.

In 2016, we decided to use our extensive experience in user-centric development and product design to create a technology that enables users as well as resource operators to identify each other in a convenient way while protecting each other’s privacy – GDPR compliant.



Europe starts uniting with a common GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and now Europe needs a common infrastructure to ensure its intent.


Companies need to be provided the agility in identification and authentication as the amount of digital accesses is growing exponentially and so should the possibilities to secure them. On the other side, the GDPR demands data sovereignty for European users and that the amount of personalized data should be minimized as well as pseudonymized. All of that is ensured through Keyp’s decentral infrastructure and data sovereignty has always been at the core of our team’s set of values.


Only when software is designed for people, will it be used by employees and customers.


Only when security software is actively use, will it do its job of protecting the user’s & company’s data and accesses.


Hence, the fight against digital identity theft and data breaches stands and falls with the software’s core architecture and usability. Keyp’s infrastructure approach with its decentral architecture combined with state-of-the-art usability is able to achieve data sovereignty for its users as well as compliant management of digital identities for companies.


This is why we developed the Keyp identityOS: an authenticaiton infrastructure in the form of an identity platform combining decentralized architecture with a market place approach to ensure data sovereignty (users) & market efficiency (companies) leading to an agile and secure authentication ecosystem while providing a convenient one-click user experience. This way the users’ data stays with them, hardware-encrypted on their phone, without there being hundreds of copies of various identities of them saved on every service’s server. And the companies can rely on verified digital identities of their customers, employees, machines and devices.